The World of Keyword Competitiveness

The World of Keyword Competitiveness

Let's hear directly from Experts in the field of SEO and how they analyze Keyword Competitiveness. Read for the best Tips and Tricks.

Businesses strive to get their digital services as visible as possible which is primarily possible through ranking their website on 1st page on Google. Even after that, they must fall in the top 10 search results to get hits and visits and gain customer retention. So digital marketers research what searches and specific keywords can get this business there and how much effort and time it will take.

The questions that arise then are, how can you judge KC, and what factors affect this KC? Read what experts say below to learn more about KC and how can help.

Expert Tips in the World of SEO Regarding Keyword Competitiveness (KC)

We have compiled the tips and tricks these experts presented when analyzing KC and how to rank your website correctly and efficiently. Let’s read briefly about each Search Marketing Expert so you can use their strategy and tools to enhance your business profile.

1. Aaron Wall (SEO Consultant and SEO Book)

Aaron Wall is the founder/owner of SEO and a renowned SEO consultant managing guides and consultancy for major clients in enhancing their business’ visibility. According to him, he applies the following considerations when analyzing KC.

  • Firefox Extension – Utilizes this extension to get info about the client’s website regarding the site’s age, how data and links are leveraged, traffic estimates, and even the brand’s strength in the market.
  • Knowledge of the Web – He retracts the website’s history for the brand’s strength, as it is pretty tricky because if it is new, you need to know the market niche. If not, analyze the backlinking for how effective the strategies were.
  • Dynamic Ranking – Aaron Wall utilizes KC by regularly updating keywords to analyze how the traffic fluctuates and incorporating longer tail keyword variations relevant to the core/primary keyword. This tailing enhances the traffic and ranks even if the core KW doesn’t hold, giving enough buffer to employ a more substantial root KW.
  • Quantity vs. Quality – To increase traffic and visibility, blogs and posts improve ranking. When it shows improving results, start adding quality content to supplement it, which is also sales oriented.

2.   Michael Gray aka Graywolf (SEO Blog)

Michael Gray, also known as Graywolf, has been involved with SEO blogs for over 15 years. was an experimental SEO blog to see the dynamics of SEO blogging in a new light that grew massive. Now he writes blogs and trains novice SEO writers and bloggers about the intricacies of SEO Blogging. In the case of KC, some key points we have captured below.

  • Top 5 Results – In this strategy, you research the top 5 results on Google for your preferred niche and see their registration date. You can use the ‘whois’ tool for that. If any of these results have been registered for 5+ years, then you need a trusted domain to compete and be able to rank.
  • Massive Backlinking Hole – The thought process from the above 5 results strategy is to understand the massive hole you need to fulfill to compete. These websites or pages have blogs to back their trusted links, which you need to overcome actually to start competing.

3. Tom Demers (WordStream/Keyword Analyzer)

The Director of Marketing for WordStream and founder of Measured SEM and Digital Examiner, plus running a massively successful blog for SEO. He utilizes SEO for Firefox and typically starts with the following strategy when analyzing a high-level Keyword to see its KC.

  • Query Searching and Compiling Data – He puts all the query search data into a CSV file. Here the file comprises the shortened and page links, the utilized Majestic SEO Link Domain, how the page is ranked, and its age to indicate the KWs strength.
  • Crack the Top 5 – Learn to crack the top 5 search results and see how he can compete with them, especially by analyzing what approach to employ.

4. Jill Whalen (SEO Consulting and High Rankings Founder)

Jill Whalen is the founder of High Rankings, which publishes regular Adviser blogs and articles, and she is also a renowned SEO consultant, speaker, and writer. She shares one of the most straightforward techniques to slim down the KC to KW gems that are hard to find. What she does is search for KWs and phrases that are high in volume and relevant to your search and put them in Allintitle: “keyword phrase” by putting them on Google. Combining the AIT and search volume, she gets a clearer picture of a high number of searches vs. a low Allintitle. This method helps her find the KW gems that she can employ for maximum effect.

5. Todd Malicoat (

Todd owns, which helps entrepreneurs learn about SEO and get certified with over 15+ years of experience. He uses an interesting methodology along with his gut feeling added from years of experience. Let’s look at the key features of this simple yet effective strategy.

  • Utilized Tools – The 1st tool he uses is SEOMoz Total helping him to find unique linking domains. The 2nd tool he works with is SEMRush Value which you can get from SEO Book Toolbar.
  • Defining Variables – For any website to rank better, typically, they need to consider a few variables. Content volume to fill in pages and categories, visitors’ data, and whether spilling over to social media is a regular occurrence. Furthermore, anchor texts and title tags are essential to sync with Domain name KWs.
  • Settling with Sweet Spot – It is not always advisable to go for high-volume KWs as you must find a balance between these KWs and what specific KW benefits your website, which has lower competition.

Ending Comments

We compiled some tips and tricks from experts to give you a brief understanding of how these maestros think and use professional tools. If you need more in-depth analysis techniques and information from more experts, feel free to visit Ki Ou Bizin anytime. We provide Trust and Reliability when connecting uniquely with customers and entrepreneurs worldwide, especially in Mauritius.

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